The collection of cups are belong to my grandmother. She has the habit of collecting cups. The souvenirs she bought when travelling were mostly cups. The eight cups presented below are all coming from her cupboard.

Cup One


This cup was bought when my grandmother was travelling in Britain in 2002. The cup was bought in a suvenir shop when my grandmother was travelling in Britain. This cup was printed on Big Ben, Red Buses, London Eye, Red telephone box and other famous things.

Cup Two


This cup was a present of my grandmother's cousin who was currently working and living in Japan in 2013. The cup which name is yunomi is in a larger size than usual ones. As my grandmother doesn't drink sake or other alchol, so she uses for drinking tea.

Cup Three


This cup is custom-made by a cup store when my grandmother got two puppies in 2009. The phote printed on the cup is those two puppies which turns to big dogs now. She gave one of the puppies to a friend for some reason in 2010.

Cup Four


This cup was a gift from my mother at the Christmas in 2014. The cup is quite noraml and my grandmother does not really fond of it as she already have a similar one, but she still stores it in her cupboard carefully.

Cup Five


This is the cup which my grandmother uses most often. She bought it when shopping with my grandfather in 2011. From then on, they use this cup for coffee almost every day after dinner except when they have guests.

Cup Six


This cup is one of the most beautiful cups my grandmother owns. The cup has been my grandmother's collection before I was born. But when I ask her about this cup, she said she cannot remember.

Cup Seven


This cup was given by my grandfather when my grandmother was 60 years old. She used to like it, but now it is rarely used. When I was living in their house sometimes, I always used this cup.

Cup Eight


This cup is the part of a tea set, and the other parts were broken accidently in 2014. My grandmother bought this because she liked the rose on it. She still use it for afternoon tea sometimes.